Our H2B kit is globally synonymous with H-series performance. Displacement is a dominating factor.  It's the foundation of power potential and what makes Honda’s first big block a very practical and generation specific option for the Civic and Integra chassis’.

The drawback of the standard H swap has been the function & installation of its drivetrain, plaguing many with troubled shifts, ackward axle placement, and reduced ground clearance.  Our H2B Kit resolves these issues by simply adapting in entire complete and unmodified manual B-series drivetrain.

The core of our kit is a precision machined 6061 aluminum adapter plate that accurately employs both OE  engine and transmission dowels to sustain shaft alignment and incorporated as many possible fastening points between engine, transmission, and adapter plate. 

Each kit includes our innovative chromoly crankshaft spacer combined with our own specific high strength ARP flywheel bolts, both components used universally to aid many custom Honda adaptations.

The end result becomes precise and simple.  Do your homework and you'll see why so many choose our products.

Contact us if you have any questions, interested in mutiple items, or looking for replacement parts