The H2B we branded, is now globally synonymous with H-series performance. 

Displacement is a dominating factor.  It's the foundation of power potential and what makes Honda’s first big-block a practical, generation specific option for all Civic/CRX and Integra chassis’.

The drawback of a standard H swap has always been the function & installation of its drivetrain, plaguing many with troubled shifts, ackward axle placement, and severely reduced ground clearance. 

Our H2B Kit remedies these issues by keeping it simply and adapting in entire complete and unmodified manual B-series drivetrain. 

Understanding and knowing all engine function is a must.  We take pride in our knowledge an the attention to detail we present in every product.  All of our H2B kits are now AWD B tranmission compatiable.  

Please feel free to connect with us if you have any specific questions, interested in combined items, or looking for replacement parts