Are you looking for more alternator clearance?  Does the bracket you have flex?  Ever flipped or thrown a belt?  Maybe your just looking for another QSD logo?  Well we have something for you.

QSD's Alternative is a pair of trick adapters that mount any OEM D-series alternator bracketry to the front of the H/F-series block and
is specifically aligned for use of a B-series alternator.  A mouth full to explain.

We know you'll ask, but we won't be making these for other alternator configurations.  The pulley diameter and belt width makes the B-series our choice for the H2B setup.

OEM Honda has presented the strongest solutions which is what has been needed in a relocator.  We also designed it with the NoBS offset.  By simply switching mounting holes in our adapter you can move your alternator in towards the block.

Will require the use of a 4-rib 32-34" belt (ref: 4K325).


Price US:$89